We’re Adam and Philippa. We both like cycling. We met through cycling. A lot of our holidays involve cycling. We’ve decided to spend most of 2016 chasing the summer on our bicycles, touring parts of the world we don’t often get to see. We’re off to New Zealand in January and plan to go to Australia, Canada and then down the West Coast US, coming back around September time.DSCN0067

Adam has been cycling since he was tiny and as a kid weekends were spent exploring the Lake District on his mountain bike and using the remote Youth Hostels to extend his trips. Aged 14 he rode the C2C. Since 2010 he has been doing audax rides, and has completed a Dutch 1,200 km brevet, LEL 2013 (London-Edinburgh-London) and PBP 2015 (Paris-Brest-Paris), the latter two on his Burl’s fixed gear bicycle. In 2014 he did an unsupported ride from Belgium to Greece over three weeks, and enjoyed the luxury of using gears so much he has now bought a Hewitt touring bike. Apparently this means he can carry most of the luggage (Philippa says “thanks pack donkey!”).

Philippa’s palmares pale into almost insignificance compared to Adam. She took up cycling as part of a drunken bet to complete a triathlon five years ago (which she did, but slowly) and still potters around on a bike but prefers to keep km distances in double rather than quadruple figures. Saying that, she has completed the odd 200km audax ride (normally under duress). Not long after buying her first “proper” and much beloved bike (a Van Nicholas Yukon) she embarked on a solo Lands End to John o’Groats, completing the ride in a leisurely two weeks, making sure to have at least one portion of chips a day. She always likes to know where her next meal is coming from.


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  1. Hi guys, just found your blog after staying with Judy and Ed south of Bandon! We’re Brits on tour as well and looking at your NZ stats we will probably follow a similar route when we get there in November. I think we’re a bit too far behind you to catch you on the West coast (leaving LA 5 Oct) but you never know! Are you going back to England next? Happy trails!


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