Day 7: Skye and Bye

090 Islands from MallaigWith his broken spoke it was decided that I would carry more of Adam’s stuff, so I filled my panniers and off we set. My bike still did great, with even more weight and I’m sure it could take a lot more.

We took our penultimate ferry from Raasay back to Skye and made our way along the main road towards Armadale. It wasn’t quite as sunny and blue skied as previously, but it was still warm and only a very light drizzle. Once again, with a ferry to aim for, we just sort of got on with it. 

It’s funny how on the last day, or last few miles of anything, I suddenly get very tired. It must be a psychological thing, knowing that it is nearly over. Every hill felt like a mountain, every gust of wind felt like a gale and every mile felt like ten. The main roads were fine, in that typical Scottish way of being not very busy and so we made the early ferry, which we had never hoped to make, with plenty of time to spare. Adam bought me wine on the ferry to say “well done legs”. And so we arrived in Mallaig at the end of our tour.

We had an early start the next morning with a 6am train which took us over the viaduct of Harry Potter fame at Glenfinnan so we got to see more of beautiful Scotland. The time flew by but yet it seemed we were away for ages.

Miles cycled: 35. Islands visited: Raasay, Skye

Learnings and lessons from this tour:

  • Each of the islands are very unique and have their own distinctive personalities and they are all worth a visit – I just wish we had longer.
  • I didn’t need to take as much as I did – in a week I didn’t need to wash any clothes – this probably means I had at least 50% too much.
  • It would be nice to stay put in some places for a couple of days – constantly moving on every day can get quite draining.
  • Always carry emergency haribo, even for non emergencies.
  • When I go on holiday I expect to drink some wine
  • My bike really excelled itself and I finally like it A LOT so won’t be selling it any time soon (bugger – that means no carbon bike for me)
  • Scotland in the weather we had is simply stunning. I expect it is equally stunning in not such great weather too.
  • When Adam  says he wants to go exploring :hand:

For anyone interested, here is a map of where we cycled whilst away.Screenshot from 2017-08-20 17:57:50.png

Adam’s photos here
My crappy iphone photos here


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