Day 5: The tweed run

056 North UistIn the morning as we were getting ready to leave Berneray, Adam donned his yacf jersey at which point we discovered that the bloke on the orange Salsa Veja who had been stalking us all the way was in fact billplumtree.

We left the delights of Berneray behind and took the ferry across to Leverburgh on Harris. We had two choices here; the main road on the west coast, or the more interesting looking road on the east. We opted for the latter, aka the Golden Road. 

Having had a sneaky peek at the first climb out of Leverburgh as we left the ferry, we decided to go to the shop and buy some cake. CAAAAK


We chatted to some cyclists who asked which way we were going, and when we said the east I was told “oh well done you”. WHA

And so we were off. I don’t think there is a single flat bit of tarmac on the golden road. But my god it was the most bestest road I have EVER cycled on. It was simply stunning. I can’t actually find the words to describe it. On one side you have the sea. On the other you have mountains. And then there are lots of little lochs all over the place. We cycled along in our summer cycling gear, which is the first time it has been out this year. We got sunburnt. We stopped for a quick dip in a lake. We went up. We went down. We went into art galleries. We went to look at lots of tweed. We ate more cake. It was the most awesome, beautiful, spectacular day I have ever had on a bike.

To top off an absolutely cracking day, we stayed in the most fab hostel ever, No 5 in Drinisadar – highly recommended.


Miles cycled: 26. Islands visited: Berneray, Harris


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