Day 3: Gone with the wind

017 Monday on South UistWe woke up and padded round the tiny room with the other two people we had just slept very closely with. It was still windy and raining so we tried to delay leaving for as long as possible but eventually had to accept our fate. I put on most of the clothes I had with me.

We set off into the rain and after about five minutes it stopped. We battled on along the tiny lane until we reached the main road at which point I thought we might turn onto it and head north with the wind at our backs. Adam wanted to go exploring so instead we carried straight on and cycled on the little roads to the side of the main one (which to be fair were lovely, but hard work with the wind). 

Eventually we turned onto the main road and I basically didn’t have to pedal again for the rest of the day. We were blown along most of the way and almost went sailing past the first café we had seen all trip. I slammed on the brakes. We had to stop. It’s the first rule of touring isn’t it?

Billplumtree was there and then the family of four turned up. When we asked how they had got on in the tents in the wind and rain the response was “we survived”. Fair play to them. We looked around the museum and then mounted our steeds and carried on to Howmore where we were staying at the Gatliff. These aren’t youth hostels per se, but are affiliated to the SYHA. And it was very cute and very lovely and I was very relieved after our bunkhouse the night before.

A cyclist we recognised from the ferry turned up on his wife’s bike as his wheel had pringled and there was a bike shop at the end of the road. We fed him tea and stuff and hoped this would be our good cyclist karma for the week.

The Gatliff is the one with all the bikes in front of it

We went for a walk along the beach and the turned around for a fight against the wind. I was glad we were cycling due north. Later that evening a couple of cyclists turned up who were heading south and they had managed 8mph average all day.

I slept well that night.

Miles cycled: 20. Islands visited: South Uist

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