Day 2: Hebrides or Maldives?

009 VatersayWe set off from our B&B and as we had a while before our ferry to Eriskay, we decided to go and explore Vatersay. We winched ourselves over a 12.5% hill and I was super glad the B&B had let us leave most of our luggage there for us to pick up later as I couldn’t envision how I could manage this fully loaded.  The sun came out and we saw beach after beach after beach. Golden sand, glimmering seas, we could have been in the Maldives.

We went to go and see the funny little airport at Barra where planes land on the beach when the tide is out.

We obviously had not yet engaged our touring mentalities as we were rather ahead of schedule. However, we incorrectly remembered that there was a ferry at 1pm and so went to the ferry port to find that the one and only ferry was actually at 3pm. We ate some lunch in the sun and mooched around. We saw otters. I didn’t realise how rare this was until other people got very jealous when I told them.

Adam decided to fettle his bike and sort out the creaking noise. It turned out his chain was too tight on his fixie and basically the track ends had been somewhat destroyed by his nuts. He got it into an acceptable state and I decided I was glad I had all the spare pannier space….

We bumped into some of the cycle tourists we had seen on the ferry. There was a family of four with two kids of 8 and 9 I think on Isla bikes doing similar to us. Mum was fully loaded and dad was carrying a trailer full to the brim. They were camping – brave souls!

We took the ferry across to Eriskay and cycled across the causeway onto South Uist where we only had a mere 10 miles to the bunk house, which of course we couldn’t find. Once it had been located we settled in for the night. At around 11:30pm when we were sound asleep in the one room bunkhouse some other people turned up and frightened the life out of us as they walked in to share in the tiny space we were sleeping in. The wind was blowing a gale and it was absolutely pelting it down outside. I lay there worrying that Adam had booked us into dodgy bunkhouses with no windows that would be the ideal place to hold someone captive for the rest of time (I had recently finished reading “Room” by Emma Donoghue) and that we were going to get very very wet. And cold. I didn’t sleep so well.

Miles cycled: 31. Sleep: still not enough. Islands visited: Barra, Vatersay, Eriskay and South Uist


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