Day 8: Scherpenzeel to Utrecht to Den Haag to Hoek van Holland

And so the final day of our tour was a functional day, getting us from Scherpenzeel to Utrecht to catch a train to Den Haag before the final few km to Hoek van Holland.

Once again, we followed the Knooppunts to get us there. It was pissing down with bloody rain all morning, but luckily our route took us through forests so we had some shelter. The forest tracks were all absolutely fine to cycle on. They weren’t always concrete tracks but they didn’t cause us any problems.


We got to Utrecht without issue, and in the last few km it stopped raining so we dried off before getting on the train (although, to be honest, despite the best efforts of Lush soap, we were still pretty wet dog smelling).

In Den Haag we met up with one of Adam’s friends who took us for lunch where we passed a good few hours and had some beers (but not some smokes) and then cycled off into the sunset to catch our ferry home.

What’s that coming over the hill?

Kilometres cycled: 59

To Utrecht
To Hoek van Holland

So, The Netherlands. Lots of reasons to recommend it. We definitely had weather; when it wasn’t raining, we had a headwind. But I’d definitely go back and I would probably pick it over Normandy for an easy ferry enabled European cycle tour in the future. BUT, why don’t most places accept visa (including debit) and mastercard? It seems the Dutch have not embraced plastic fantastic. Still that’s a minor niggle. The cycling was fantastic.

We ate really well all week (when I say well, I don’t necessarily mean healthily) and most of it was very tasty; the restaurant lunches and our one pot cooking efforts.

Our clothes, tents etc are finally de-damped, the bikes have been cleaned and we have brought back lots of dutch edible goodies to keep us going for the next few days. When we got home I made breakfast and used about 3 different pans, despite our success in cooking in a single pan all week (although I’m sure I could have done it in one)

Thanks to Adam for planning and keeping me going during my (many) low points. Thanks to Albert Hein supermarkets for feeding me with tasty goodness.

Our overall route can be viewed here: clickNL tour


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