Day 7: Zwolle to Scherpenzeel

Today we were sort of venturing into the unknown. We didn’t have paper maps and we didn’t have any routes on the garmin, as our original tour was going to end in Zwolle and from there we were planning to take the train to Den Haag to cycle back to HoH for the ferry. So instead we used the knooppunt network (knot network) to navigate.The knooppunt network is a remarkable thing and incredibly easy to use. There are knot points, essentially junctions, all over the place (sometimes as close as 1km apart), which are numbered. At each knot point there is a map showing the other knot points. You look at the map and figure out a number combination that will get you to where you want to go.

Once we got out of Zwolle the province we were in had large’ish maps, so we had a list of about 20 numbers to get us to where we wanted to go. 98% of the time it is very clear. The other 2% you might miss a directional arrow, but that was more user error.

And so, we got ourselves from Zwolle to Scherpenzeel very easily. It was very varied terrain. Not the sand dunes, or the polder we had seen earlier, but forest tracks and fields upon fields of heather as far as the eye could see. We reached the dizzying heights of about 60m so we really were in the highlands (and the landscape did look a lot like Scotland) and I had to get out of the saddle to get up the hills (not really, that was done for effect, they were slopes – I actually only needed about 2 gears most of the time).

If you go to The Netherlands, make sure to watch out for these! They are particularly vicious (they’re not actually, they are very benign cattle grids that do not shake your fillings loose)

Kilometres cycled: 79
Route: here
Dinner: Fry up some onions, peppers and mange tout in the pan. Add jar of curry sauce and some quorn piece. Cover with lid and put brown rice in lid to heat through (Friday night curry innit).

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