Day 6: Ossenzijl to Zwolle

We set off the next morning and as this was the area in which Adam had previously lived, there were a few places he wanted to show me. So we cycled along the canal in the sun, crossing little bridges which allow residents to get their boats out. We stopped in the old sea port of Blokzijl, which was really pretty and sat on a bench eating cake. I realised that my instincts yesterday were correct and my legs were feeling quite sluggish and we probably should have opted for staying at the campsite and having a short pootle. Adam gave me more cake and I felt better.

Adam said he wanted to take me to Giethoorn, which was a bit of a diversion but assured me the extra miles would be worth it. And it absolutely totally was. Giethoorn is described as the Venice of The Netherlands, which sort of describes it, but also doesn’t. You’ll have to go there to see what I mean (which I whole-heartedly recommend). The photos we have don’t really capture it I’m afraid but there are houses like this and this, and lots of bridges connecting one side to other, and lots of restaurants on both sides. This is definitely somewhere I want to come back to in the future.

It did involve pushing the bikes up some tricky bridges, which were often narrow, steep and with sharp bends in them.

We stopped there for lunch and I would have been quite happy to stay. However, we pressed on to Zwolle to keep in with our plans to get to Utrecht. It was a really tough afternoon for me and I should have gone with what my body was telling me the day before. However, we made it and no one died. We stayed at a so-called “mini-camping” which was basically a field in a farm, but I think I actually preferred it to the very large campsites we had been staying in so far (how come the dutch have mini camping, but midget rather than mini golf?)

Kilometres cycled: 73
Route: here
Dinner: Go to itsu (probably best to do this before the holiday) and steal some of their mini packets of teriyaki and smear over salmon to marinade. Stir fry a pack of prechopped stir fry veg and when cooked put in plastic box with lid to keep warm. Cook noodles and then place salmon on top to steam through. Combine.


Cheap wine in a folding plastic mug always makes me happy


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