Day 5: Harlingen to Ossenzijl

We sat around thinking about what to do. Our original plan was to spend two night on Terschelling and to then cycle down towards Ossenzijl, so we brought that forward, as we had heard good things about the campsite there. So off we set.

It was warm and sunny and I even managed a smile. We could multi task and dry our clothes on our panniers.

Everywhere the cycle lanes were quiet, the clouds were fluffy, there were boats and it was the sort of holiday I had been hoping for.

Some might say that continued flatness and long straight roads might be a bit boring but I didn’t find that to be the case (afsluitdijk dike excepted). It was actually pretty idyllic and such a contrast to the UK, despite The Netherlands being quite densely populated.

There seem to be a lot of horses and ponies in The Netherlands which made me very happy. There’s an awful lot of Shetland ponies around – anyone know why? Are they companion ponies, or are they working ponies or some sort? We also saw loads of goats busy making cheese and quite a few llamas.

The few cyclists we did see, I would often try and catch. I would chase for ages, often elderly couples pedalling along so serenely and slowly and eventually catch them and realise they were on electric bikes (cheaters!). I did it every time, but it was a bit of a game.

We got to our campsite to find we had the whole camping field to ourselves (well apart from some furry friends).

The houses you can see opposite Adam’s feet are not accessible by car; there isn’t actually a road. You can cycle to them (of course), or get there on this:


All in all it was very lovely. I told adamski that I was feeling quite tired and we should have a short day the next day and that we could stay at this campsite for a few nights and explore the area. And then I suggested the complete opposite and suggested that we spend the next few days of our tour cycling to Utrecht instead. So much for coming up with a plan and sticking to it.

Kilometres cycled: 78
Route: here
Dinner: Chop up some mushrooms and a leek and fry in a bit of oil and some water with the lid on until soft. Put into plastic eating dish with a lump of gorgonzola (a whole pack – we don’t like waste) and put lid on to keep warm and let the chees melt. Whilst the cheese is doing its thing, cook fresh tagliatelle, then combine with the cheesy veggies and top with sunblush tomatoes.


(definitely not pasta slop)

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