Day 3: Oostwoud to Oostwoud via Edam

We woke up and were dry and warm surprisingly. We opened the tent door and it was still swampy. Any clothes that we had washed were still wet. Our towel was damp. It was still squelchy. I ate my porridge in bed and we both agreed that booking in for 2 nights wasn’t the best decision ever. Anyway, we had a circular loop planned today, to go to Edam and eat some cheese. We set off in the grey and damp morning wearing all our dry clothes as it wasn’t exactly summery.

We cycled through the polder, looking at the general wetness everywhere and got to Edam. The sun was poking through a bit but it wasn’t warm enough to eat outside. It was remarkably empty everywhere and as it turns out, it wasn’t just the weather keeping everyone away, but more that dutch kiddies had gone back to school today.


I still cannot believe that we got to Edam, had lunch (chicken satay for me which came with chips AND prawn crackers – yay!) and didn’t eat any blinking cheese. This tour was turning into a disaster.

The only thing we could do to rectify our errors was to have a 4 course meal and wine in the evening. Lots of lovely wine (that’s why I needed the big pannier on the back). We found a bench in the campsite and sat and ate it there, feeling even more cursed to find that in the “caravan” part of the site it wasn’t so swampy. More ducks laughed at us.

Kilometres cycled: 90
Route: here
Dinner: Extra course: Avocado with prawns in a marie rose/whisky dressing. Main: Chop up an onion and some mushrooms and fry off in a bit of oil until soft, add a generous glug of white wine and place some salmon on top to steam; put on lid and place brown rice on lid to warm through. Add jar of red pesto to salmon/onions/mushrooms once salmon and cooked. Serve with rice (this was probably our best dinner of the tour and it didn’t even involve cheese).


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