The day of meh

139. First cyclotourist we've seen since MelbourneIt rained pretty much all night in Batemans Bay; big ploppy rain that made loud noises as it landed on the tent. We somehow also attracted a load of the local spiders to come and have a party in our tent so as I got into the tent on Sunday night I spent quite a bit of time with Adam’s thong, sorry flip flop attacking any little beasties and shooing them out of the tent – I’m sure most, if not all, of them were harmless but you never know, so better to be safe than sorry. It was still raining when we woke up in the morning but Adam needed the loo so he left the tent; about 5 minutes later he shouted at me, “Philippa, my Garmin’s been stolen from the bike and someone has been through our stuff”. And so the Day of Meh ensued.

Today (Monday) was always going to be a bit of a tough day as we would spend all of it cycling on the Princes Highway. So to have some stuff nicked overnight on top of that just made it all a bit crap really. Adam spoke to the camp manager and it transpired that other odd goings on had taken place overnight whilst the rain was pouring. One of the families in a static caravan had seen lights outside their place around 2:30am and had heard some people rustling around in their tools. They shouted at them and apparently they scarpered. A knife and marker pen made it from their place to the awning of another caravan, but none of their expensive power tools which were outside were touched. Our camp knife (which was left on the draining board of the camp kitchen as we were the only people using the kitchen) was taken but none of our other cooking stuff, including our snazzy Primus saucepans. I guess this was what was used to remove Adam’s Garmin as the cable ties holding it in place had been cut, with the evidence telling us as much on the floor. Adam’s saddle wedge had been removed from his bike, opened and left on the table, but nothing was taken, including his Hope Vision 1 light. My saddle wedge was open and a bungee had been left on the table, but again, nothing was taken from there, including my Hope light. Nor was my Garmin touched.

So it is a somewhat curious theft with only two things disappearing; almost strange enough to wonder if the possums did it! It could have been so much worse if they had taken, or vandalised the bikes. The loss of one Garmin is an annoyance, but it’s not the end of the world. You do end up feeling a bit violated though. Anyway, it has all been reported to the disinterested police and we have a crime number.

And so we hit the Princes Highway in a grump and just bashed out the kms to Milton. We stopped after 30km to have a muesli bar and spotted another touring cyclist going in the opposite direction. He came over for a chat and it turned out he was trying to get to Melbourne for Wednesday night – good luck! All part of his training for the Arch to Arc triathlon (Marble Arch in London to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, running in the UK, swimming the channel and then cycling in France, I believe).

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we have another 30km or so on the Princes Highway and then we should turn off it for the rest of the day, with plans to use the Husky Ferry and then follow the coast round to Nowra, where we have a WarmShowers host for the night. Hopefully it’ll be a better day.

To Milton


2 thoughts on “The day of meh

  1. That’s a bit crap. But while you’re there, can you pass the mind bleach for the gratuitous “Adam’s thong” image? Ta.


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