Turn that frown upside down

P1040170The last few weeks has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me. From sadness at leaving behind friends and family, fear of the unknown, worry of what’s to come, excitement, frustration and everything in between. I always knew that at some point this trip I would have a bit of a wobble but I didn’t expect it to come so early on, nor did I expect it to be because of the weather (we’re chasing the summer – what could possibly go wrong!?). Well the rain went wrong. But then the sun made it all seem OK again…..

As Adam’s previous post has already alluded to, the last few days have been completely and utterly sodden with rain. Hoorah shout the Kiwis, boo say all of us. As we made the dash across from Geraldine to Pleasant Point, we managed to avoid the rain for a few hours and it didn’t seem too bad. It was grey and not at all summery but at least we weren’t wet. When we arrived at the campsite in Pleasant Point we were still dry and elected to camp rather than stay in a cabin. And from that point on for about the next 40 hours it pretty much rained non stop.

I was absolutely convinced that the tent would leak and that our sleeping bags would get wet and impossible for sleep in. The tent was just fine even with all the rain (apparently more overnight than would typically be expected for the whole of January). I still wasn’t happy though. When we awoke this morning I was hoping for less grey, less rain and more blue sky. It was still raining. Meh. As I got dressed all my clothes were damp. All the rain dripped off the ten down my neck as I exited. I sobbed silently into my porridge (if ever I needed a bacon sandwich, this was it).

And then you discover the power of a bit of warmth, a bit of sun and before you know it smiles returned. We cycled across to Fairlie (44km) with the mountains ahead teasing us as they started to appear from behind the cloud. Blue sky started poking through. We got to Fairlie and had a discussion about whether to press on to Tekapo (another 40km) or to stay in Fairlie. It probably won’t come as any surprise that there was one vote for staying and one vote for continuing; I’m sure you don’t need me to tell to tell you who voted for which option. I reasoned that with the sun out we could get the tent dry, get our clothes dry, have a nice easy afternoon. Or we could continue and I might get grumpy again.

And so here we are in Fairlie, sitting in shorts and t-shirts, baking hot, a complete and utter contrast to yesterday. It actually feels like a holiday now and not a chore. Bring on more of the same please….

Pleasant Point to Fairlie


One thought on “Turn that frown upside down

  1. Hope the weather stays stable. Think all the sunshine is here in Cambodia its hard work cycling in 35-36○C especially with high humidity. Its a tough life xXx


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