Packing up our life

IMG_20160104_120104243_HDRThis post is partly about packing up our flat, but is more a chance to see what it is like blogging from my phone. We spent Christmas skiing and New Year in The Lake District. Now we’re back in London it is time to sort out the flat.

Before even starting to pack stuff up we had already got rid of some things. My parents have gained three bikes (lucky them…?) & some other bits. Someone else had the turbo trainer (hopefully they’ll use it more than we’ve done) & Sophie the Brompton has a foster home for ten months. There’s a self storage place less than 10 minutes walk from the flat, or 2 minutes in the hire car we’ve got until Tuesday evening, and everything is going in there. Anything we are taking with us is being piled up in the bath. The flat looks like a bomb site at the moment, but by the end of tomorrow it’ll be very empty. And then we can sit around twiddling our thumbs until  Sunday. And panicking!


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