That’s it; we’re unemployed

Yesterday (Friday 18th Dec.) was out last day at work, but everything feels normal for the time of year. This morning I was at Mile End ParkRun and we’re both now putting off packing for our annual Christmas skiing holiday. We’re off to Val d’Isere tomorrow morning. Then when we are back from France we’ll be lazying around over New Year. I guess things will start to feel strange in early January when we’re putting things into storage rather than being back at work and moaning about how there’s nothing to look forward to until Easter. Or we won’t realise until we’re at Heathrow on 10th January with two bikes boxed up ready for the 27 hour flight to Christchurch.


One thought on “That’s it; we’re unemployed

  1. Hi Adam and Philippa. I came across your trip via the YACF forum. Good luck for 2016 and I look forward to some great updates of your travels. Keep posting about Steve A as you are one of the few that talk sense.

    PS Remember that in the USA chips are crisps!


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