Mallorca Day #6: Up to Lluc (where Philippa goes faster than Adam!)

DSCN2402On our final day of cycling in Mallorca (sob!) we decided to reverse a route we did a few years ago, cycling from Port du Pollença to Campanet (going up the crappy surfaced road rather than bumping down it) and then up to the Lluc monastery via a pleasant 7.7km at 5% gradient – I’m not kidding – it was pleasant, even though I’m by no means a climber (this should be the give away that this is a Philippa and not an Adam report). It’s the perfect sort of gradient for twiddling up without making too much effort (I’m not into Strava and segments, I’m not into beasting myself up climbs, I cycle for fun – GASP!).

It’s a really lovely climb. Two years ago we did it the other way round and were all grinning like loons after the descent, and the climb was almost as much fun. My approach to climbing is to drop it into the lowest gear and just twiddle all the way up. Sure I get overtaken by a few huffing and puffing serious cyclists, but do they have time to wave and smile for the camera?

By far and away my biggest issue on the climb was not my legs, not my fitness, not hoping for just one more lower gear, but wishing instead for a nice comfy female-specific saddle. Our hire bikes have boy saddles on them. OUCHY!

After the ascent I was rewarded with lunch (calamari) and then the promise of the fantastic looking descent back to Pollença. We drove down this yesterday on the way back from our walk and I was rather taken with the idea of Adam driving me up in the car with my bike just so I could ride down. Yeah. That’s right, the girl who is a massive descending scaredy cat wants to actively ride her bike down hill.

We had to climb a bit out of Lluc first and then we were there. Yeah! Time to fess up. I’m still a
nervous descender, but I am a LOT better than I was when I first started cycling. I have more confidence in my abilities and I think I’m getting better at reading the road. OK, I still cannot keep up with Adam round bends (he has years of mountain biking experience behind him – that’s my excuse). However, I DID GET A HIGHER MAXIMUM SPEED THAN HIM TODAY! Ha! One day, I will surprise him and be right on his wheel when he gets to the bottom. Or I’ll be there waiting for him. One day…..

Oh – Adam also got up early and cycled out to the Formentor this morning whilst I was asleep. For fun. Whatevs :-p

Lluc Ride With GPS


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