Mallorca Day #5: Walking

DSCN2364Adam got up early this morning and rode out to the peninsular that juts into the sea near Alcudia. It was like a mini-Formentor, but at 8 o’clock devoid of cars and people. The sunrise made getting up early worthwhile. And it seems that Alcudia has an old part surrounded by walls, so it isn’t all just a strip of tacky bars. Then after breakfast we drove up into the mountains to go walking.

We started near the Embassament de Cúber. Strangely for a walk in the mountains the first half was downhill as we followed a pipeline from the reservoir downhill and through tunnels to end up at a dead end road above Lloseta. We then followed a path through a serious of amazing terraces and popped out beside the Refugi Tossals Verds. There’s a long distance walk through the Mallorcan mountains (GR 221) and there are huts along the route. The Refugi Tossals Verds is one of these places and it looks amazing. It’s set in the mountains with views across to Orient (where we were yesterday) and seemed incredibly peaceful. They can provide bedding, towels & meals, so it would be possible to do a multiday walking while carrying a tiny bag. Hmm……

From the refugi we started heading uphill through more terraces and with views down massive valleys and across the Mallorcan flatlands. The route then headed through some beautiful woodland, before giving superb views of Puig Major before we got back to the car. The cycling in Mallorca is spectacular, but so is the walking. We will need to come back to explore more of the island. Or just move here for a few years.

Alcudia Ride With GPS


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