A one-way ticket…to back home?

After some teeth gnashing and wailing by Philippa worrying about everything and nothing (apparently I’m “nervicted” according to my niece), we’ve booked our first flight towards our 2016 tour (we need a snazzier name). So we are off to Christchurch, New Zealand via Singapore on the 10th January. We thought we would be all spontaneous and laissez-faire and just booked a one-way ticket, so that we could be adventurers (YEAH!).

Our vague’ish plans are New Zealand for a couple of months, then up to the west coast USA maybe taking in Baja California (Mexico) and then perhaps up into Canada for summer, returning home from there around September time’ish. Play it by ear, see how it goes, figure it out along the way.

Yebbut no. We do have a one-way ticket. But I think we’re going to need to book some more flights. And get some visas. And come up with an itinerary. And put together all sorts of documentation. You see, after a bit more digging around it seems that we will need to have our onward travel from New Zealand booked in order to be allowed entry. We will probably need the same for the US. And we might need a visa for the US that goes beyond the 90 day waiver.

Ah. Looks like this may not end up entirely as a “we’ll take it as it comes” tour, but will need some more planning and preparation.


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