Mallorca Day #6: Up to Lluc (where Philippa goes faster than Adam!)

DSCN2402On our final day of cycling in Mallorca (sob!) we decided to reverse a route we did a few years ago, cycling from Port du Pollença to Campanet (going up the crappy surfaced road rather than bumping down it) and then up to the Lluc monastery via a pleasant 7.7km at 5% gradient – I’m not kidding – it was pleasant, even though I’m by no means a climber (this should be the give away that this is a Philippa and not an Adam report). It’s the perfect sort of gradient for twiddling up without making too much effort (I’m not into Strava and segments, I’m not into beasting myself up climbs, I cycle for fun – GASP!). Continue reading


Mallorca Day #5: Walking

DSCN2364Adam got up early this morning and rode out to the peninsular that juts into the sea near Alcudia. It was like a mini-Formentor, but at 8 o’clock devoid of cars and people. The sunrise made getting up early worthwhile. And it seems that Alcudia has an old part surrounded by walls, so it isn’t all just a strip of tacky bars. Then after breakfast we drove up into the mountains to go walking. Continue reading

Mallorca Day #4: Coll d’Honor

DSCN2310Today’s ride was a 50 km loop from Lloseta over the Coll d’Honor and through the beautiful little village called Orient. The weather was glorious; blue skies, sunshine, but not too hot. The Coll d’Honor isn’t a massive climb, and isn’t one of the famous climbs on Mallorca, but it’s worth doing because the road is really quiet, the scenery is different to more central mountains and the road passes through various patches of woodland. Continue reading

Mallorca Day #3: Sa Calobra

DSCN2288Philippa wanted a rest day, (achy knees – she’s old!) so sent Adam off to do Sa Calobra, which is probably the most (in)famous climb Mallorca has to offer. Adam couldn’t do it two years ago because he had had dental surgery the day before heading out to Mallorca and was not really allowed to push himself (and wasn’t allowed to drink G&Ts either!), so this would be the chance to do the climb. There’s lots and lots and lots written about the the climb. It’s used by the pros as a training hill (recognise any of those names on the Strava segment?). The road climbs from the fishing village of Sa Calobra, which is at sealevel, up to ~700m. (The sign at the top says 683m, but the Garmin Etrex 20 suggested ~715m). One of the strangest things about Sa Calobra is it’s a dead end road, so the only way to the start of the climb is by starting at the top and riding down the climb and then turning around and riding back up the hill. Continue reading

Mallorca Day #2: A 100 km “flat” loop

DSCN2243The forecast was for rain & clouds, but the Mallorcan weather seemed to have different ideas because it was just a bit cloudy at 09h30, so we set off with the plan to do ~100 km loop south from Port du Pollença through Alcudia before cutting inland towards Petra for lunch and then back through the centre of Mallorca to Port du Pollença. Alcudia never seems very nice, so we used some of the lanes to avoid some of the town. Once south of Alcudia it’s a wide straight road that is an easy, enjoyable, ride. After leaving the main road somewhere south of Can Picafort it’s a slow, gradual climb up a very straight road to nearly 200m before a swooping descent to Petra for lunch. Continue reading

Mallorca Day #1: Formentor lighthouse

DSCN2226It is October half term and we are in Mallorca for the week. We’ve got our Asus Eee PC (called Bert) with us, so it seemed like a good way to see how it would be for blogging using a not so great WiFi signal. In August we found a cheap self catering package deal to Pollença, so we have a week of cycling, walking and relaxing (for various values of “relaxing”; for Adam this seems to be throwing himself at hard cycle rides; for Philippa this is sitting by the pool drinking wine) to enjoy.  Continue reading

A roof over our heads

We’ve been cycle camping a few times now. Philippa bought a cheapish tunnel tent (a Blacks Octane 3) a few years ago to try out cycle camping and this has served us well so far. It survived camping in a swamp for a few nights and has generally been fine. However, it does have some drawbacks, which I will outline below, and as all good equipment geeks will know, there is an eternal quest for perfection. With this in mind, we decided to upgrade our tent even before we’d decided upon this trip. It seems that upgraded tent is now going to get a lot of use! Continue reading

A one-way ticket…to back home?

After some teeth gnashing and wailing by Philippa worrying about everything and nothing (apparently I’m “nervicted” according to my niece), we’ve booked our first flight towards our 2016 tour (we need a snazzier name). So we are off to Christchurch, New Zealand via Singapore on the 10th January. We thought we would be all spontaneous and laissez-faire and just booked a one-way ticket, so that we could be adventurers (YEAH!). Continue reading